Extracts from The Abbey and The Reluctant Bridegroom

"Peter sailed around the island to see if he could spot anyone else on the island, but there seemed to be nobody, and why were Colin and Kathleen taken away, as if by gun point, what was happening? So he decided to get back to the Isle of Risskay as quickly as possible. He drew the boat into the side of the harbour, and made his way to the police station, where Bob, the local policeman would be able to help".

"They slipped down an embankment which led into a dark passageway. They both had torches and the passageway stretched for a couple of miles. There were spiders on the ceiling and walls, and they were glad that Kathleen was not with them, it was very dusty, and it spread onto their clothes as they moved slowly along".

Extracts from Katie Cameron

"A figure was leaning against a post near the end of the road. He was dressed in old clothes with a battered straw hat pulled well down in the front as if he was shielding his eyes from the sun. The figure caught the attention of Katie and she gazed at him as the carriage passed by. He stared back, lifting his hat, showing a fair lock of hair, but keeping his gaze on her. She held his gaze and at once she thought she recognized him. It was him, she was sure, but what was he doing in New Orleans! It was Captain Clark Boyd!"

"Catherine and Katie galloped along the worn path with Sam following them, muttering under his breath. They made towards the wood and to their horror came face to face with two scuffy men on horseback. They shrieked, turning their horses and galloped the way they had come with the men in full pursuit." 

Extracts from Gunfire 

"Julie often took Prince, her horse, for a ride to check out the boundaries on the J ranch, but this day as she was galloping near a mound of trees, Prince suddenly reared up and Julie slid off his back on to the ground, to find a rattle snake dancing there with his head moving forward and back. Julie did not dare move in case it struck out, and she would have liked to reach for the rifle in her saddle."

"Dolly made herself up and called for her horse and buggy. She had to go to the shack and speak to Reeves and warn him and perhaps persuade him to let Julie go, unless she was killed already."

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