Reviews of F. D. McDonald's books

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Reviews of Greenlands and Dancing in the Wings

“Intrigued by the illustration on the cover, I was eager to find out exactly how the heroine of the story Nancy, had managed to get herself into this perilous position, bound and gagged in some struggle far from the comfort and safety of her own home. As soon as I began reading this story, I found it moved at a pace. There were just enough characters to spice up the action without the reader having to remember or make a list of who was who and the relationship of each one. The action just kept moving forward; there were no long descriptive byways to divert the reader’s attention. As such, it is an easy read, with a clear beginning, slowly building up to a turning point and a very swift conclusion... ”

– John McManus January 2023

Reviews of The Abbey and The Reluctant Bridegroom

“The Abbey is a fast moving story by one of our talented contemporary writers, Fiona McDonald. It is about a young woman who goes for a relaxing holiday to a remote Scottish island and becomes involved in a mystery of intrigue which leads to her being kidnapped by a group of ruthless terrorists. But she finds love when she is rescued by her brother’s friend. The book is in the best tradition of famous writers of adventurous and romantic fiction and is a particularly good read.”

– Archie R Murray December 2016

Reviews of Katie Cameron

“Fiona McDonald's style and language is short and sharp, giving this quick and easy read an almost journalistic feel, unusual in a romantic novel... Love, marriage and motherhood are all deeply affected by the four year war which the author has researched assiduously and through visits to the area... the story never fails to hold the reader's interest in a sound and gripping tale. There is a useful appendix detailing the main events of the Civil War.”

– “Glenshiel” on

Reviews of Gunfire

"A fast moving romantic western set in Texas at the end of the 1800's. I enjoyed it immensely. It has saloons and drunks and passion and betrayal with a kidnap and gunfights thrown in. All you would want in a western. A ranch won and lost over a poker game  and lives thrown into turmoil, all told at a pace. Recommended."

Amazon review.

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